Depression & Anxiety Disability Insurance Claim Help and Tips Video – Disability attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup have a very thorough discussion regarding disability claims for depression and anxiety disorders. These claims are the claims which are most highly challenged by the disability insurance companies because the condition is purely subjective and based on self-reported symptoms. There is no way to objectively prove you suffer from depression or anxiety, such as a blood test or x-ray. Disability insurance companies take advantage of this fact and will deny claims for lack of clinical evidence of disability due to the depression and anxiety disorder. Making sure your psychologist or psychiatrist is keeping detailed and legible records of each visit is key. The records must provide documentation of why your depression or anxiety disorder is causing an inability to perform your job. A red flag to look out for if you have are receiving disability benefits for depression or anxiety, is if the disability insurance company sends you for an “Independent” or “Compulsory” Medical Examination with a psychiatrist or if they send you for neuropsychological testing. These exams are used to disprove your claim and look for malingering or overstating/exaggeration of your symptoms. Most disability insurance policies have a limitation for mental/nervous conditions, which include depression and anxiety. A claimant is typically limited to a maximum of 12-24 months of benefits if approved. Please feel free to contact any of our disability attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your disability insurance claim.

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  1. cloverdale87 says:

    Me 6-ft 2- 290lbs 50yrs old Working heavy construction and before that a
    industrial tire tec. {press-on forklift tires MOBILE] Had my life planned
    out to the day I was going fishing whenever I wanted. 3 rods 6 pins Bone
    stimulator in my back blood clot from 2nd surgery so now blood thinners.
    Sciatic nerve was pinched by fully extruded disc. Pain all the time. I’ll
    never lift more then 25lb lbs and that Maybe 3 times a day. insurance wants
    to cancel the shrink. These guys are dead on.

  2. Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer says:

    Gorton, thank you for sharing and contributing.

  3. adelgado75 says:

    If someone has panic anxiety attacks, on medication for over 10 years,
    seeing a psychiatrist twice a month and psychotherapy every 3 weeks might

  4. Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer says:

    If your medical conditions are impacting your ability to perform your
    occupational duties then you would have the ability to file for benefits
    under an employer or privately purchased policy. However, that does not
    mean that the insurance carrier will approve the claim. If you are
    considering filing for disability benefits, please feel free to contact our
    office for a free consultation to determine how we may be able to assist

  5. Tana J. Houston says:

    Your actual safety is the point that a panic attack will not ever injury
    anyone. That is medical reality. You’re safe, the feelings are crazy but no
    hurt should come to you. Have a look at here for additional information:

  6. Yes…These guys are dead on…With a Good Lawyer..and a Good Doctor you
    can win your Disability Claim. I won against Sun Life..and in Canada…Sun
    Life Insurance play hard ball all the time…and they will attempt to Bully
    you into submission…But you must fight all Bad Faith Insurance
    Companies…Sadly that’s just the way it is..! Good luck.

  7. Social Security Disability videos says:

    Good information about the need for documentation.

  8. Marie Farrell says:

    This is a great video. Thank to both of these guys for making it. It’s
    rough being diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses. I had to get an
    attorney after being denied for SSD. I had breast cancer and I was
    crumbling emotionally. My therapist was amazing and got me into a special
    treatment program. Three rapes (one as a small child), plus constant abuse,
    neglect, and a life of panic, anxiety and depression (all easily proven
    considering my credit score, inability to hold a job or home, and multiple
    psychiatric visits)- but I never stayed in a hospital because I was so good
    at convincing someone there that I was okay. They usually believe me too. I
    was nearly admitted multiple times but the wait calmed me down enough that
    I stopped dissociating and simply manipulated whomever was in charge. Turns
    out my Borderline diagnosis is more like Complex PTSD- it’s the long-term
    abuse. The cancer was the kicker & I couldn’t go on living depressed, yet
    chemo caused so much more depression. I didn’t actually get my SSD until 2
    years after cancer/chemo, and it’s being reviewed now. It’s hard to prove
    it, even with clear history. I chose not to take meds for a while, then I
    was on them. They were making me feels worse or not helping at all, plus
    the cancer meds were making everything worse. I’m worried about the outcome
    because I am still suffering from physical issues (nerve damage) from
    chemo, and from psychological issues. My intensive therapy certainly dug up
    a lot and broke through the core of my issues, but,considering my history,
    there are far more issues to address and I’m never sure when or what will
    trigger me. I hate that having to be on meds is something that “proves”
    you’re truly sick. I hate pharmaceuticals and prefer taking a natural
    approach with diet. It’s not 100% effective, and it’s only been about 5
    months that I’ve been trying that, but I felt a difference early on and,
    though I am still panicked going out a lot and still have nightmares and
    boughts of depression every week or two, I feel improvement that I hadn’t
    felt before. It’s mainly due to DBT and changing how I think, coupled with
    the meds I was taking. I’m worried my new approach will be frowned upon by
    SSD, but how does one actually prove these diseases? Even my family says
    “get over it” despite it being something I’ve dealt with all my life. It’s
    scary to know that I have to prove something to strangers. If they knew me
    they would know. It seems like the best proof of mental illness comes when
    you end up killing yourself, which is terrible. Sorry for the rant. I’m
    glad this video exists. 

  9. Thanks for making this video. I have had depression, then had a back injury
    and my depression got a lot worse!!

  10. Mario Morales says:

    I just found out I have been denied twice in less than a year. Lawyers
    called, we are going to a hearing, I have been hospitalized for major
    depression, anxiety dementia insomnia, 4 times and a partial
    hospitalization. No other than my family can tell that I have changed. I
    take medication daily for these symptoms, I have been documented both from
    the psychiatrist and psychologist. I know these are in excellent order.
    Like I said, I am LOCO, not stupid.

  11. What if you have a personal belief to not want to be on medication?

  12. James Adams says:

    This was very helpful thanks

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