Can insurance help pay for my windshield and auto glass replacement?

Paying for auto glass replacement can cost a pretty penny. Yet, as the experts at share, the good news is that your auto glass replacement may be covered by your insurance company. How do you know if your glass is covered by insurance? That depends on a few different factors such as where you live, the kind of insurance you have, and what shop you want to have the new glass installed by. One important thing to keep in mind is that your auto glass is more than just a windscreen you look through while you drive–it’s an essential safety component to your vehicle!

Never settle for less than high quality and precisely crafted auto glass, and never settle for an inexperienced installation shop. The second important thing to keep in mind, is that you ALWAYS have a choice regarding how your vehicle is worked on and who does the work. Never allow your insurance company or a shop convince you of otherwise. Use a price comparison tool such as to easily find a high quality glass shop that has a good track record with consumers, and who also accepts insurance.

The price comparison tool at is free to use, and has no hidden terms or conditions. Our goal is to empower you with the right knowledge and good choices, so that you can make decisions based on what is best for your safety and your budget. Visit today!

You may be wondering, can I use my insurance to pay for my auto glass replacement?

The answer is… Maybe. It largely depends on where you live, the kind of insurance coverage that you have, what kind of claim you’re making, and what shop you choose to get the replacement made at.

Let’s start with where you live. In specific states, such as Florida, Kentucky, Maine, and South Carolina, as long as you have comprehensive insurance on your vehicle, the insurance company is required to provide no-deductible insurance coverage of your auto glass replacement.

Laws like this change frequently on a state-by-state, so it’s important to check first before you make a claim or proceed forward with scheduling an installation.

Next, let’s look at your insurance coverage. Do you have comprehensive or basic insurance? Basic insurance usually does not cover the replacement of your vehicle’s glass. However, comprehensive insurance COULD cover the replacement of your glass.

If you have comprehensive insurance, the deductible you selected will determine whether your insurance will cover all or part of your auto glass replacement. For instance, if you have a 0 deductible, and the cost to replace your auto glass is 0, you’ll only pay 0 toward your auto glass replacement. Your insurance company would cover the outstanding 0 fee.

However, if you have a 0 deductible, and the cost to replace your auto glass is 0, then your insurance wouldn’t cover any of your auto glass replacement costs. You would be required to pay that out of pocket, because the cost is smaller than your deductible.

Now let’s look at the type of claims you can make about your auto glass to your insurance. In most cases, auto glass replacement is a no-fault claim. This is good news for drivers, as no-fault claims can’t be counted against you or used as cause to increase your insurance rates.

Often insurance companies vary on whether they will cover no-fault claims, especially those in the auto glass category. The best thing you can do, is first talk to the auto glass shop that you’re hiring, as they are usually best able to navigate confusing insurance rules.

Lastly, let’s talk about the shop you select to replace your glass. You see, an auto glass shop must be approved by insurance companies to receive payment from them. This means they meet specific requirements to service your vehicle.

When you’re selecting an auto glass installation shop, make sure to ask them if they accept insurance as payment. Finding this out BEFORE they get to your home is imperative to helping you save money. Taking a few minutes to shop around, can help you save hundreds of dollars in out-of-pocket costs.

Finding the right shop can be confusing and time consuming. That’s why was founded.

Using our simple quote tool, you can generate up to 3 free local independent auto glass replacement quotes, in as little as 30 seconds. Each quote includes information such as the credentials of the shop, if the shop can accept insurance payments, consumer-generated star reviews, and so much more.

Don’t spend hours on the phone trying to negotiate prices–use the price advantage to find the right shop that matches your budget, without sacrificing quality. Visit today to begin the quote process – because with you always have a choice!

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    It’s nice to know that glass shops will be helpful enough to deal with the
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