Baxter’s Story – Advances in cancer care with the help of pet insurance

Baxter’s story is about the amazing advances in pet health care. Using a cutting-edge “cyber knife” treatment, Baxter’s family was able to save Baxter’s life and have him return to his happy and active self! The Healthy Paws team approved this advanced but experimental treatment costing over ,000 with total veterinary bills costing over ,000. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance paid over ,000!

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Michele Andrea Bowen has been a financial consultant for just shy of 22 years. Her client base ranges from individuals, to families, to small and medium sized businesses. Her expertise extends from daily money management, to insurance, to planning for retirement, as well as managing finances in retirement.


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  3. You guys are awesome. I’m so glad my boy is covered with you. Keep up the
    great work! -A loyal customer


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