Waiting For Disability Insurance – Help To Heal 2015-05-02

Waiting For Disability Insurance – Help To Heal is a crowd source project begun by S. Joseph to help with personal needs & potentially, the needs of others, while waiting for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits to be approved.

Joseph’s been waiting two years for his benefits & wants to help himself & others succeed in the laborious process.

Thank you for viewing, sharing &/or supporting. More at http://onlineontheair.com/help-to-heal/ & http://www.gofundme.com/Help2Heal0503.

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Michele Andrea Bowen has been a financial consultant for just shy of 22 years. Her client base ranges from individuals, to families, to small and medium sized businesses. Her expertise extends from daily money management, to insurance, to planning for retirement, as well as managing finances in retirement.

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