Fibromyalgia Disability Insurance Claim Help and Information Video – Disability attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss Fibromyalgia and the challenges faced when making a claim for short or long term disability benefits due to this condition. Fibromyalgia has been a very controversial topic with disability insurance companies because it is a subjective condition, meaning the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is based on a patient’s subjective complaint of widespread pain, fatigue, etc. However, some recent favorable court decisions have given more credibility to Fibromyalgia as a true disease process and support awards of disability benefits based on a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. As with any other medical condition, you must provide the disability insurance company medical records from your treating physician(s) who supports disability due to the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Although there is no objective diagnostic test which can concretely diagnose Fibromyalgia, such as an MRI, x-ray, or blood work, a “tender-point test” is generally accepted in the medical community as being able to provide objective evidence to support a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. A patient must exhibit 11 out of the 18 possible tender points to be qualified for such a diagnosis. Another tool which has been accepted as objective evidence of disability due to Fibromyalgia, is a daily journal which documents the Fibromyalgia symptoms you experience daily. Fibromyalgia causes symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and often secondary depression, which affects your ability to function in your job, whether that be sitting at a desk all day or doing physical labor. Whatever your circumstance, it is crucial that you receive treatment from a physician who specializes in Fibromyalgia, such as a rheumatologist or internal medicine physician. Please feel free to contact any of our disability attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your disability insurance claim.

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  1. fruitdemon says:

    i have been denied ssd by the ALJ as of today by letter recieved in 2 weeks
    time & i did have 12/18 tender points documented & eval by a
    rhematoidologist & documented my ability to do things, most of the time i’m
    in bed 95% of my day & still suffering in 9-10 pain from diagnosed
    fibromyalgia…………so i don’t see how it’s all bullcrap ssd’s side
    bout not accepting it as a disability……

  2. DixiesJewel says:

    There is evidence, blood & brain MRI shows it. Don’t go on heresey, look it

  3. Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer says:

    Thank you for your comment. If you have links to recent medical literature
    regarding this, please share so everyone watching this video can be armed
    with the information.

  4. Stefanie Ellen says:

    I saw you have attorneys in MA. Will they help me win my fibro case on a

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