FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Changes Will Help Homeowners with FHA Home Loans in Colorado

“FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium” Changes effective 11 June 2012 will help millions of Americans to include those Homeowners with FHA Home “Loans in Colorado”. Most individuals who had gotten an “FHA Mortgage” during the past 4 years have been unable to refinance because FHA had almost tripled their “Mortgage Insurance Premiums” which negated or wiped out almost all the savings with even these historic low interest rates. “HUD” – FHA is finally correcting this situation.

Timing is important. Individuals with an FHA Mortgage that was endorsed prior to 1 June 2009 can benefit if they wait till 11 June 2012 or later to get their new FHA Case # when they decide to refinance under the FHA Streamline Loan Program. If they apply to early, it will cost them dearly….thus this video: http://youtu.be/CYrh2pMUOSY.

I consider these changes in FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums to be the biggest gift that HUD – FHA has ever given Americans. I even called FHA because I could not believe that they were decreasing the FHA Up Front Mortgage Insurance Premium from 1.75 to .01. This represents a huge savings right up front when an individual refinances under the “FHA Streamline Loan” Program.

If your new FHA mortgage has a term greater than 15 years, i.e 20-year fixed FHA, 30-year fixed FHA), your new loan’s MIP schedule is as follows :

– For loans with LTV greater than 95 percent : 0.55% percent annually
– For loans with LTV less than, or equal to, 95 percent : 0.55%% percent annually

Or, when your new FHA mortgage has a term of 15 years or fewer, the new loan’s MIP schedule is :

– For loans with LTV greater than 90 percent : 0.55% percent annually
– For loans with LTV less than, or equal to, 90 percent : 0.55% percent annually
– For loans with LTV less than, or equal to, 78 percent : No annual MIP required

For all your Colorado Mortgage and Home Loan advice, contact Randy Flood, Licensed Colorado Mortgage Broker with The Mortgage Network at 303-521-9550 or visit https://www.facebook.com/#!/RandyFloodTheColoradoMortgageBroker.

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Michele Andrea Bowen has been a financial consultant for just shy of 22 years. Her client base ranges from individuals, to families, to small and medium sized businesses. Her expertise extends from daily money management, to insurance, to planning for retirement, as well as managing finances in retirement.


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